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One-On-One Coaching

The Ultimate Communications Coaching Program.

Group Workshops

Get the whole team on the same page and grow as effective communicators.

Virtual Coaching

The most convenient way clients improve as communicators.

How It Works

Initial Contact

A telephone interview to learn exactly what you want to achieve, your preferences for how we work together, and how we can customize the communications training to benefit you.


You are invited to complete a self-assessment to clarify your objectives, identify challenges and determine your goals.

Plan Customization

The findings from the initial interview and self-assessment are used to develop a coaching plan tailored to your communications development.

Communications Coaching

You can look forward to communications training that will hone your skills and confidence needed to become an authentic and powerful messenger. Coaching Programs will include:

  • Learning the #1 secret to improving as a communicator
  • Before and After Digital Recordings of your Mock Presentation.
  • Access to My Media Coach for Follow Up and Review.
Continuous Learning

Speaker Notes are provided following each session, summarizing our engagement and providing practical suggestions and tangible tools that you can use to become an authentic and powerful messenger that connects with any audience.

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